Explanatory note

It is prohibited to smoke (tobacco products, tobacco substitutes eg. e-cigarettes or herbal smoking products) indoors at workplaces on Danish ships (cf. section 6 of the act). It can be decided to arrange special rooms for smoking or smoking booths in which smoking is permitted (cf. section 6(3) of the act). Workplaces that have or establish smoking rooms or smoking cabins where smoking can take place must, by means of visible signs, inform that the air in the surroundings outside these can be harmful to health. (cf. section 6(4) of the act) The act applies to all Danish flagged ves­sels and offshore installations (MODUs).

According to the act, all employers are to draw up a written smoking policy that must be ac­cessible to all the employees (cf. section 5 of the act). The smoking policy must contain in­formation on whether and where smoking is permitted at the workplace as well as inform­ation about the consequences of violating the smoking policy.

The ROs are kindly requested to verify the existence of the required smoking policy during ISM audits, both on board the ships and at the company offices, and should issue a non-conformity notice if a written smoking policy cannot be presented or if the crew is unfamiliar with the policy.



Contact: ro@dma.dk