Guidance for approval of Marine Equipment

Guidance for approval of Marine Equipment, in pursuance of “Directive 2014/90/EU of the European Parliament and of the Council” of 23 July 2014 on marine equipment, as amended, Article 7., for ships changing from a non-EU flag to EU flag (Danish flag).

The directive mentioned above, require that Marine Equipment which is listed in the annex*, is marked with a “Wheel Mark” indicating compliance with the Directive.

For ships changing from a non-EU flag to Danish flag, on-board Marine Equipment required to be “Wheel Marked”, but is not, shall either be changed to “Wheel Marked” equipment or be accepted as equivalent by the Danish Maritime Authority (DMA) or a Recognized Organization.

The following describes DMA’s procedure for acceptance of such equipment:

  • In connection with the flag change procedure, a copy of the most recent annex* shall be drawn from the Official Journal of the European Union (EUR-Lex) and be submitted to the Owner.
  • Based on the above mentioned annex, the Owner/ship shall make a list of non-wheel marked equipment. The list shall be presented to the attending surveyor from the DMA or from the RO acting on behalf of the DMA on-board.
  • During the flag-change survey of the ship, the attending surveyor will make an assessment of the listed equipment, based on an evaluation of the international certification of the equipment and a visual inspection.
  • Provided the surveyor find the equipment to be equivalent (ref. Article 7 of the directive), the surveyor shall issue a DMA “MED Acceptance Certificate” (page 2. of this document) on the equipment. A similar RO “MED Acceptance Certificate” with minimum the same information can be issued instead. Any imposed restrictions to the use of the equipment must be stated in the certificate. The certificate is to be kept on-board the ship.
  • Equipment, which is not found to be equivalent, must be replaced.
  • All the original equipment certificates shall be kept on-board, readily available for inspection.

Relevant documents:


*Annex to the COMMISSION IMPLEMENTING REGULATION (EU) 2023/1667” on design, construction and performance requirements and testing standards for marine equipment - as amended.

MED Acceptance Certificate (page 2 of this document).


List of equipment prohibited, restricted, withdrawn or recalled by the DMA

List is currently empty.


MED Acceptance Certificate

Information required in relation to MED Acceptance Certificate:


Issued under the provision of Directive 2014/90/EU of the European Parliament and the Council of 20 July 2014 on marine equipment, Article 7, 4 as amended.

Under the authority of the Government of Denmark

Name of ship  
Distinctive number or letters  
Port of Registry  
Gross tonnage  
IMO number  


List of equipment

Equipment  Serial no. and manufacturer Type Approval Certificate no. Authority issuing type approval certificate Restrictions, if any

This is to certify:

That the Marine Equipment on-board the ship mentioned above, listed in attached Annex, is considered equivalent to “Wheel Marked” equipment, pursuant to Article 7 of the Directive, to the satisfaction of the Danish Maritime Authority or of a Recognized Organization acting on behalf of the Danish Maritime Authority.


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MED Acceptance Certificate in fillable pdf




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