App for seafarers

Our solution offers everything you as a seafarer need in one app, available on both App Store and Play Store, for iOS and Android phones

All services and features that make it easy for you in one app, to manage your own career as a seafarer, while you are on the go, also offline.

You can quickly get an overview and constantly keep an eye on everything being in order.

Register and document your seagoing service, validate if you meet all requirements for renewing or upgrading your certificates.

We will recommend certificates to you, based on your data and keep you updated with automatic and targeted messages.

In addition, you can share your certificates with your shipping company, both digital and existing registrations, so that digital certificates can work in practice, in the maritime industry.

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Access to the app and login

Login is required to use this app.

Danish seafarers must use private NemID/MitID when accessing this self-service solution for seafarers.
This provides automatic access to your profile.

Foreign seafarers can use username/password.
Access is created automatically and you will receive an email, if your shipping applies for a recognition certificate on your behalf.

Once you have logged in for the first time and have activated your app, you can subsequently use your phone's Touch ID / Face ID, or PIN code to start up.

3Video guide

Video walk-through of My Maritime

We have made a video that takes you through all the pages of My Maritime, for an insight into what features are available.

We show an overview of seagoing service, certificates, sharing with shipping companies, messages and profile page.

Sharing of certificates is crucial for digital certificates to work in practice onboard ships.
That is why we have made it as easy as possible for you to share securely with the shipping company, without having to send copies of all your certificates by email, every time you are issued a new one.
The shipping company only has access to your certificates as long as the sharing is active.
Both you and the shipping company can stop sharing at any time, removing availability immediately.

See video of My Maritime

4Video guide

Register seagoing service in the app

We have made a video guide for registering seagoing service.
You will find it in My Maritime, as part of starting an embarkation.

The video shows how easily and quickly you can register your seagoing service.

In the app, seagoing service is registered by embarking, and then disembarking.
We have tried to make it even easier and at the same time made validations that protect against errors.

Once you have registered the seagoing service, you have the opportunity to document it by uploading or taking a picture of your discharge book, or obtain a digital statement of seagoing service.
We have also made video guides for both options in this compiled guide.

See video on registering seagoing service

5Video guide

Approval of seagoing service in the app


We have made a video guide for documentation of seagoing service or obtaining a digital statement of seagoing service.
You will find it in the frontpage of My Maritime.

The video shows how easily you can document your seagoging service or obtain a digital statement of seagoing service.
The guide is based on you already having registered your seagoing service.

See video on approval of seagoing service


Offline mode

If you do not have internet access, you still have the option to view your certificates.

You can still see all your certificates and your seagoing service in My Maritime, even if you do not have an internet connection. You simply put your mobile or tablet in "Flight mode" and then open the app.

All it requires is that while you are connected, eg. before you embarked the ship, opened the app and updated your data.

While offline, you can only view data, not make new registrations or update your profile, as this requires a connection to our systems.