Access to the solution

Login is required to use this reporting solution.

For Danish educational institutions and course providers, a NemID / MitID employee signature is required, linked to the company's CVR number.
In the few cases where this is not possible, an agreement is reached and an alternative login is set up.

An overview is provided of reports submitted on behalf of the maritime educational institution or approved course provider. All users on behalf of the company in question, are able to see the full overview.
Information is given about the case number for the report at the Danish Maritime Authority, the type of report the user has made, and the date.

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The solution is divided into simple 4 steps.

  1. Confirmation of own and company information.
  2. Selection of reporting type.
    1. Exam, course and certificate of proficiency according to approval.
  3. Information on the persons reported for.
    1. Load datasets with CSV file, or enter manually.
  4. Confirm and submit.

CSV file data format

Overall description of the CSV file setup.

Here is an overall description of, and example of, the setup the CSV file should have, for proper loading and filling of form in the solution.

Semicolon ";" or Comma ”,” separated file consisting of the first 6 columns, for information about persons, in this specific order:

Nationality; Danish CPR number; First names; Last name; Date of birth; Date

The form fills in from row 1. Why no headings or anything else should be included in the file.
See example below.

Indberetning CSV-fil

Note. CPR numbers shown above are from the CPR register's own test database.


Format requirements

Here is a description of the format specification for each data input.

Country name in Danish or English, alternatively ISO alfa-2.
The Danish Maritime Authority's system is set up to match the CPR register's countries and country codes.
See countries and country codes here.

CPR number:
Modulus validation is used.
10 digits, where any separators such as “-” and “.” is filtered out.
CPR number is required if nationality is Danish. CPR number is optional if nationality is other than Danish.
Thus, reporting can be completed for all foreign persons.
For foreign persons who have been assigned a Danish CPR number, the CPR number must be stated.

First and last names:
Text fields, all first and middle names are entered in the first name field.

Date of birth:
Format: "dd-mm-yyyy" (day, month, year).
Date picker is available.
If the correct CPR number is filled in, the date of birth is calculated from there and is then locked.

Format: "dd-mm-yyyy" (day, month, year).
Date picker is available.
Each row in the form can have a different date, so the same type can be reported for several dates, at the same time.


Video guide

Watch a video guide on how to report with the Danish Maritime Authority's digital reporting solution.