It is hereby announced, in pursuance of order no. 783 of 12th June 2018 on the recognition of foreign certificates for service on Danish merchant ships, that the basis for the issuance of Danish recognition certificates has now been established for the countries mentioned below with the remarks given:

Country Exam requirements or extra duty


Argentina No  
Australia No  
Bangladesh No  
Brazil No  
Canada No  
Chile No  
China No   
Cuba No   
Egypt No   
Ethiopia No   
EU States No   
Georgia No   
Ghana No   
Iceland No   
India No   
Indonesia No   
Isle of Man No   
Jordan No   
Mexico No   
Montenegro No   
Myanmar No   
New Zealand No   
Norway No  
Peru No  
Philippines Yes The examrequirements are withdrawn ifthe applicant has graduated after 1 January 2001from:
• Maritime Academy of Asia and thePacific (MAAP)
• John B. Lacson Foundation, Inc. (Iloilo)
• JBLCFI-Bacolod Branch (part ofJohnB. Lacson)
• University ofCebu
• UCLM Branch (part of University ofCebu)
• Philippines Merchant Marine Academy (PMMA)
• MAPUA– PTCCollege of Maritime Education and Training
Republic of Korea  No    
Russia  No    
Serbia  No    
Singapore  No    
South Africa  No    
Sri Lanka  No    
Turkey  No    
Ukraine  No    
United Kingdom of Great Britain  No    
USA  No    
Vietnam No   

The exam requirements are withdrawn in pursuance of the provisions of the order for persons with previous extra duty as officers on board Danish ships based on a declaration of fitness for duty.
The withdrawal of exam requirements does not apply in connection with an exam or approved course in Danish maritime law for senior officers.